A special place


Additional Information


Ever wanted to know how to build a (mostly) natural house of clay, sand and straw? Cob working takes place most of the time and you can come and normally just dive in. We intend to build all future guest accomodation with clay.


We do not charge for lending the bow but have to charge 120,000 IDR for each broken / lost arrow as they are not sold in the region and nowadays a hassle to get from abroad due to the restrictions they put on "weapons".


One can snorkel at our own beach. Diving is conducted by the local dive club and amazing but expensive if one is not a group: Rent of boat: 250,000. Petrol: 500,000. Guide: 250,000. Boat Man: 200,000. Gear: 400,000. Tank: 120,000


Android works in the guest house with either Telkomsel or IM3 SIM-cards. We can also switch on our smart phone for you, which can serve as a hot spot. We are off the grid but have a water wheel which provides a 220 Volt current.

Malaria and
other diseases

We have very few mosquitoes under normal conditions. We do not even use mosquito nets. Malaria is very rare here, so are dengue and other tropical diseases. We strongly recommend not to take any preventive medicine!


You can change foreign cash only without a headache in Manado. There is an ATM in Molibagu (17 km from the valley) which should work with Cirrus, Maestro, Visa or Master Card logo. You can also pay in advance with paypal or bank transfer.

Raining season
Motorbike rent

Raining season is from May to August but "thanks" to climate change, it becomes more unpredictable and more dry. Rent of motorbike is around Rp. 100,000 per day.


Most people in this region are Muslims, and though most are not seriously practicing, people should adapt a bit to that. We neither serve nor allow alcoholic drinks in the valley.